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Awakening by edgen Awakening by edgen
I'm pretty pissed for some reason. here it is, 6:20 a.m. in the morning, and I've been working on this stupid image for the past 3 hours. before that, I piddled around on the web for another 4 hours. What the hell do I do with my time and I wonder why I don't get shit done. Specially when all these deadlines are coming up. Is it the procrastination? or perhaps subliminal thinking that i work better under extreme pressures?

I titled this piece, "Awakening" because tonight was the first time I realized I'm getting old. My 26th birthday is right around the corner, and here i am. Ready go pick up the pace in my life. Financially, mentally, and physically. This will also be the title of my next album. and most definitely... My next album cover.
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AlFatih1996 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
So tell me, what photo editing or creation soft ware do you use?
ekodaniel Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2009
I like it so much I wanted to know justin if I could use it on my emial as a background when I email people if you dont mind :D
samirmalik Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
wow!!! beautiful!!!!
edgen Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007
Thank you so much for the kind words! :)
damarius Featured By Owner May 21, 2007
amazing wall
edgen Featured By Owner May 25, 2007
thank you! :)
Styrus Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2005   Photographer
Now that's cool. I love the simplicity of the whole thing, but yet the complexness. The single white curvy line that covers over the bottom right is perfectly placed, and adds that nice edge to it.
Well done justin...and ya, procrastination sucks bad. I see your predicament.
JosephYang Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's very nice wall~ :boogie:
xaerius Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2005  Student
26 ain't old!

This image evokes a sense of flying very near the sun while whisps of its corona curl and dance on its horizon. Excellent.
therealarien Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
simple yet cool.
it reminds me of....coke....subliminal advertising? /=.
id say we're all old considering how short life is, and how long eternity is...
this is but a puff of smoke....PUFF! 'gone'
nirab Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2004
Thats kinda what i was going for on one of my piece's but yours is much better.
syk0saje Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2004
do0d, if what ur site sez is true, then u put this peice up on ur site on my birthday! ^__^

btw,, love the peice!
it's a definite fav.


ur work is an inspiration
i salute you.

art roX!!
-biohazard- Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004   Interface Designer
ha i do the same but i get off track but i always make the deadlines one visit to Starbucks at 10pm keeps you up nice background by the way and i love the new site :shocked:
green-tea Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2003   Traditional Artist
Heyy.. This is pretty good. Reminds me of eyelids that are about to be opened in the morning. Really nice piece. :D
arcanetripwire Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2003
found myself a new wall, nicely done here Justin
edgen Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003
Aaahhh.. ! thank you! Ya, Its a little different from the norm.. but, Its currently gracing my desktop as well. Chances are.. it'll be here for a while :)

Be sure to check out my new site on the 7th. Should be pretty cool :)

diplomat Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2003
j...getting old....blaaaaaaaaaaah
there is something about that piece...I can' take my eys off of it....
plz don't mention that word....I wish I could throw it in the garbage also...
edgen Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003
:) ya, big 26 here in a few days. I'm launching my new site then too, so be on the look out for it. As for 'Awakening".. eya, I'm definitely digging it as well. Its currently gracing my desktop. :)
evilphil Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
Like it :)
ssx84 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
I feel you bro, totally. This image could be a great self portrait in an abstract way. You are the line, well rounded and soft on the inside, and your letting the red slowly drift you away. Love ya man, keep up the great work.
jaxxblackfox Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice use of form there, it has a nice flow. The warm reds really make it feel calming.

I know to well about procrastination. I'm much the same, especially when working on commissions I'm not really enjoying. I tend to wait for the last minute, then end up getting it done incredibly fast. Funny how those ones always seem to turn out better.... :dohtwo:
monolite Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
Very nice soft and clean
It's quite relaxing on the eyes

good work dude
darkdingo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
Awesome. Looks very "awakening" you know? Nice nad smooth.

Nice work :)
faizan Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
hey man. it happens with everyone of us, thats what i call passion for art like still u wont let it go. working working n working..

that red glowing effect looks wicked!
bosniak Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
clean / softly designed 8)
eeron Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
procrastination is a bastard... don't let it beat you!

Nice wallpaper though - great minimal and stylish piece :)
edgen Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
Thanks for the comment on my "awakening" piece. You are right procrastination is a bastard, and I'd like to take it out and throw it off a mountain.
eeron Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
hurrah! That's the spirit! :evillaugh:

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December 3, 2003
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